Where can I take the Wonderlic Test online?

When preparing for the Wonderlic test, it is important to make sure that the materials you are using are good enough to prepare you well for the official Wonderlic test. No one wants to admit that they took really easy tests online to save time, and then failed on the official test because they weren’t adequately prepared. Finding a place that offers a set of useful resources, and tests that remain up-to-date with changes to the real Wonderlic test is important when working towards the best possible score, which is why it is normal to invest a little bit of money (usually no more than twenty dollars) to find the right materials online to help prepare for the official Wonderlic. That said, a small investment goes a long way if it is the difference between landing or losing that dream job, or place on the team.

Also, it is perfectly okay to take your time when easing into the Wonderlic test, which is why it is recommended to try your hand at IQ tests that offer a little bit more time, or more diverse array of questions, in order to offer as wide a spread of useful information as possible. Two websites that have a history of staying on top of changes to the Wonderlic test, while offering a useful Mensa test to allow one to prepare for even the most abstract questions.

There is no recommended order in which to complete these tests, just make sure to remain comfortable, and remember that the work you put into this now will pay off when the time comes to take the official Wonderlic test. The two recommended websites are

  • www.SampleWonderlicTest.com

    • This site offers an awesome amount of questions, as well some useful PDF documents with explanations and tips on how to approach certain questions.

  • www.GeniusTests.com

    • This is a wonderful site to practice Mensa style IQ tests and better prepare yourself for the more abstract portions of the Wonderlic. This site offers timed tests with a little more leeway with regards to time.